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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cash America's formula for a pawnshop valuation?
Cash America is a cash flow purchaser. Primarily, our valuation is based on projected cash flow and the return on our anticipated investment.
What does Cash America need from me to provide a valuation on my pawnshop?
We will initially require income statements used for tax purposes, as well as earning-asset reports (pawn loan and inventory balances) from your pawn operating system.
Are there other factors that add value to my pawnshop?
There are several indirect factors that enhance pawnshop value. For example:
  • Licensing availability, i.e., is there a moratorium on licenses or zoning restrictions?
  • Potential upside regarding products not currently offered
  • Location of the shop
  • Lease terms
Does historical financial performance affect the valuation?
No. The historical financial performance only establishes asset trending. Our assumption-based projections are the primary valuation factor.
What assurances do I have with regard to confidentiality?
Cash America provides confidentiality agreements to prospective sellers to protect the confidentiality of your data and business practices.
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